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Welcome to our show room. We wish we could meet in person. Maybe we will one day? Do you want to join us? We are looking for retail partners and publishers all over the world to help us reach and help more children thrive. We are also looking for donations to help bring the books to less advantaged areas. 

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Arabic publisher? 

Will you help me and translator Huda El-Hawari teach Arabic children to fill their hearts with love, sleep better, thrive and connect to themselves and the higher vibrations of love and peace? At the same time we help parents parent from their hearts and connect deeper with their children to create attachment. The full translation is almost ready to be published. 

Send us an email, if you are interested in publishing this precious book in Arabic. 

Other languages:

Publisher? Book Agent? Retailer?

Would you like to help us help more children all over the world sleep better, longer and deeper? Would you love to help parents all over the world find a peaceful bedtime routine? No more endless evenings of bedtime quarrels. No more tears. No more children crying themselves to sleep. Let's join forces and help parents all over the world connect to their hearts at bedtime and help their kids fall asleep.

The problem is huge. The demand is rising. The American Academy of Pediatrics1 estimates that sleep problems affect 25 to 50 percent of children and 40 percent of adolescents. Asian children are sleeping the least on a global scale, with children i Hong Kong sleeping the least. In Europe Spanish children sleep the least. How little do children sleep in your country? 

The solution is right here. Creating a peaceful, loving bedtime routine will help so many families. Let's teach them how. 

Send us an email, if you are interested in publishing or selling these precious books in your market. We also accept donations to bring the book to less fortunate areas of the world.  

The HEART team

Mission One Million Kids 

When you begin to work with Gitte, you become part of a very dedicated and professional team of HEART people from all over the world. 

The team of translators behind the books are mainly mothers who have a professional background. When they have read the book in either Danish or English they have felt deep in their hearts a longing to be able to read it in their mother tongues and share it with kids in their home country to help them thrive. The language of the heart and how we express our love for our children is connected to our mother tongue.   

The graphic department, our own publishing and Gitte's branding is headed by Katrine Høyer, while Jens Møller is handling Platform Security and IT maintainance across a wide web of book branding pages etc.  

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