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All the best - Gitte Winter Graugaard 

BIO - Gitte Winter Graugaard

Danish Gitte Winter Graugaard is an international bestselling and award-winning author of books for children full of magical meditations that help children to sleep. As a leading expert in peaceful bedtime routines she is teaching parents to help their children sleep faster, better and longer the world over. We all know the benefits of well rested children: They thrive, have more fun and pay more attention. More than 30,000 families now know about their love mountain and how to fill themselves with love at bedtime, and the feedback is heart warming.


For her work, she has been featured on all major national tv channels in her home country Denmark. In 2019 she was awarded the price as “The Top Ten Healers of the world” by The Energy Healing Magazine and invited to do a TEDx talk in the UK. Her books are recommended by the Danish royal embassies and have been featured in the Guardian and several times in The Yoga Magazine.


Gitte is also the founder of The Momo Academy bringing mindfulness and meditation to the Danish kindergartens and schools.