The audience senses that what they are about to witness, is powerful, passionate and full of wisdom. Gitte dares to challenge her audience to wake up and realize that life is what is happening to us as we are busy planning it. Our children’s childhood isn’t going to wait for us to finish the next email.

Gitte reminds her audience to always remember to parent ourselves first before we parent our children. In her peaceful, empathic way of presenting her message, Gitte shows compassion, but also asks the questions many of us forget to ask ourselves. In trying to find the answers the audience will most likely begin to reflect more, open their hearts and begin to parent from a more peaceful and conscious place, from which their kids will thrive..

You can book Gitte as your keynote speaker both in Denmark and internationally. She is also open for summits, podcasts and other online events - within subjects that aligns with her expertise.

“I love this important message and Gitte brings it out beautifully!”

Malin Hedlund, Sweden

“Gitte sharing her own journey from writing a diary to being a globally published author was exactly the ‘you can do it’ injection I needed!”

Helene Philipsen, Denmark

“This is how my daughter and the new generations are going to be able to fight inequality and climate change (amongst all other challenges) ... With the self-confidence of inner children who are immensely loved and cherished. Thank you, Gitte for all you do"

Elsie Ralston, Peru

My favorite talk at TEDx Peterborough. You're a great storyteller Gitte

Lee Mason, UK

“Hearing Gitte’s presentation was such a multi-dimensional experience! Gitte truly embodies... In her role as a brilliant storyteller, in the way she understands and shares the heart of creativity. She literally ignites our (often lost) creative spark and leaves us with concrete ideas and motivation to continue keeping it alive”

Halina Goldstein, Denmark

I was blown away by your presentation on creativity. I have been following you for years – but had no idea what a brilliant speaker you are! Thank you so much. You inspired me to be more creative."

Mette, Denmark

“This talk is such a beautiful reminder that our presence and attention is vital to the wellbeing of our kids. I love the way Gitte brought the characters to life. I love her books, too. They are such a beautiful way to teach mindfulness to children and empower us all to remember that we have access to love across the miles.”

Dr. Andrea Pennington, USA